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Simon Davies considers the issues with current endodontic irrigation, along with proposals for a safer solution.

Simon Davies is the Managing Director of CleanCert, a company that specialises in innovative water purification and dental infection-control products.

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CPD Learning outcomes
B, C
Aims and objectives
The aim of this article is to discuss shortcomings of current endodontic irrigation, along with proposals for a safer solution through the use of a biocompatible dental irrigant
On completing this Enhanced CPD article, the reader will:
1. Understand the procedures that need to be performed for successful endodontic treatment outcomes
2. Understand that irrigation of the root canal complements mechanical debridement and is important for tissue healing and killing bacteria
3. Understand that the success rate of endodontic treatment is higher if the root canal is free from bacteria at obturation
4. Understand the ideal characteristics of an endodontic irrigant
5. Understand how to avoid the risks associated with some root canal-disinfecting liquids.
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