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Simon Davies explores ideas to keep both the dental team and patients safe into 2019 and beyond in infection control, with a special emphasis on chemicals used in dental practices.

Simon Davies is the Managing Director of CleanCert, a company that specialises in innovative water purification and dental infection-control products.

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CPD Learning outcomes
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Aims and objectives
The aim of this article to offer insight into how keep the dental team and patients safe in 2019 and beyond in relation to infection control practices, eliminating room for error and minimising risk as far as possible. Particular emphasis is placed on risk variables that dental staff can control like chemicals that are bought for Infection Control.
On completing this CPD article, the reader will:
1. Understand the potential risks associated with products and processes used in the dental practice to achieve infection control
2. Understand how to minimise and – in some cases – eliminate such risks to patients and the team
3. Understand how to successfully balance the need for efficacy with safety
4. Understand the difference between ‘essential quality requirements’ and ‘best practice’ with regard to instrument processing, as stated in HTM 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices
5. Understand the expectations of regulatory governing bodies, such as the CQC and GDC, in relation to safety.
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