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SIMON DAVIES offers an insight into cross-infection risks found on dental surfaces, based on a microbiological analysis taken in a major dental laboratory and offers a solution following independent analysis of results.

SIMON DAVIES is the Managing Director of CleanCert, a company that specialises in developing infection-control products that are independently proven to be effective and safe.

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CPD Learning outcomes
B, C, D
Aims and objectives
The aim of this article is to consider the importance of the water supply in the dental practice, looking at its sources, when potable water is appropriate for use, when it is not and why, and what can be done to bring water up to the standards required.
On completing this CPD article, the reader will:
1. Understand some of the cross-infection risks that can be transmitted in a dental practice.
2. Understand some of the challenges that can be found on impressions sent between practices and laboratories.
3. Understand what sort of bacterial reading levels can be found on impressions sent by high street and public sector dental practices to dental laboratories.
4. Understand what mitigating steps you can take to protect your dental staff from cross-infection risks like prions, that can be found on dental surfaces.
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